A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of a doppelganger mimicking human form during the day to infiltrate a city and devour isolated victims.
At night, your true nature and strength is revealed and you have to defend your hideout from invading monsters!

The game progresses a bit more each day ( the city guards react to your crime and increases security). More and fiercer monsters come to challenge you every night.

Game, art and Sfx by me.
The music under CC license used in the game was made by "Lately kind of yeah" (was not made for this jam)

<- -> to move
infiltration phase:
up and down to take stairs. "C" to eat people ( make sure you're not in the same room as other humans!)

defend phase:
"x" to jump. "C" to attack

Can you become the new king of the land?
Can you find and defeat the terrible Gazer?
Can you get a really hi-score and tell me how much it is?
Such questions can only be answered in... DOPPEL TROUBLE! *theme music starts*

- 4 endings
- 8 enemy types ( 4 humans, 4 monsters) and an extra boss monster for a bonus challenge.
- level up points depending on how many people you ate to upgrade your doppelganger.
- possibility to keep going without activating the ending to get a better hi-score (game keeps getting harder).

Install instructions

Just launch the exe file to play.


doppel trouble source.mfa 5 MB
doppel trouble.exe (ludum dare version) 5 MB
doppel trouble 1.2.exe ( major bug & AI fixes, rebalance, new FXs and SFXs) 6 MB

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