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A downloadable game for Windows

A pocket dimension anomaly has appeared into your quadrant and you've been dispatched to investigate. Take photos of the inhabitants and report back for your pay. Better framed photos will earn you extra gorblox so work dutifully! And remember that creatures might be invisible to the naked eye and require dialing to a different spectrum, good luck.

Use the middle mouse wheel to change the color spectrum once you have unlocked a wider range.
Left click to take a photo.

v1.1 patch made during submission hour fixes some bugs and adds ability to download your photos to your desktop.

Developed for LudumDare48
Chris Ingerson:    Developer / Photo Monkey    @ChrisIngerson
Ian Sundstrom:    Tech Art    @iansundstrom
Blob:    Art Art    @brobbeh
special thanks: @AntonTesh

Exploration ambient: "Nicolas Gasparini (Myuu)"
Upgrade SFX from https://www.zapsplat.xn--com-5o0a/

Updated 19 days ago
Published 22 days ago
Authorsbrobbeh, Herringbone Games
TagsAliens, Exploration, Ludum Dare, ludum-dare-48, photography, Surreal
LinksLudum Dare


Download 38 MB
Spectregram_v1.0 38 MB


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The pokemon snap reference is fantastic. There's so much style here and the game feels really tight!


is that a one piece reference or just coincidence


Coincidence! There's a spectregram in One Piece?

(1 edit)

Ha, I have been rereading One Piece recently and the Donquixote pirates' flag is very similar to the AI but I didn't intentionally pull from it:

It's just a basic style for faces I've used in the past.

the vibes of this game are off the charts! beyond excited to give it a play

okay yeah, I played it and absolutely loved it -- amazing stuff!

Thanks Jo! :D

this rules

Thanks bro :Y